I was thrilled to be recently has been appointed as an Honorary Member of the Royal Society of Musicians, an ancient and honourable charity founded by George Frederick Handel to support musicians who are experiencing difficult times.  

This appointment was in recognition of my contribution over many years supporting the society and its musician members as Honorary Medical Advisor.

I love music myself, and I  continue to have the health needs of musicians, and all performers as a special interest.

I also advise the RSM, and BAPAM (the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine).

I’ve also recently presented a paper at the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare, with my BAPAM  colleague Monia Brizzi.  The presentation, on helping  young performers who develop career-threatening illnesses, was well received, and will soon be published as a scientific paper.

What you many not know about me, is that when I’m not treating patients, I enjoy singing and performing.  Here I am in Rigoletto: